2. Shoreline Change at Art at the BlueLine

Shot from "Reclaimed Ground," a documentary in "Shoreline Change," Courtesy of directors Nate Dorr and Nathan Kensinger.
Shot from “Reclaimed Ground,” a documentary in “Shoreline Change,” Courtesy of directors Nate Dorr and Nathan Kensinger.

From July 14 to August 2, 2021, The Howard Hughes Corporation will present Art at the BlueLine — a public outdoor exhibition that will use art as a means of calling for increased climate action — in Lower Manhattan’s South Street Seaport. Organized in partnership with the Waterfront Alliance, the exhibition will showcase work from three climate artists at the BlueLine, what will be the future high tide line of the city following the effects of climate change, to collectively highlight the risk people face from rising sea levels and coastal storms. In addition, the exhibition will serve as a continuation of the call for climate action demonstrated across the region on City of Water Day, July 10, 2021. It will run from July 14 to August 2, 2021.

One featured work in the exhibition will be Nate Dorr and Nathan Kensinger’s “Shoreline Change,” a collection of experimental documentary films about New York City’s waterfront. Each documentary explores specific coastal areas in a state of transformation to highlight the impacts of climate change, environmental degradation, and commercial development on the land and its surrounding communities. The documentaries will be projected onto various maritime landmarks throughout the Seaport starting on July 14th for six nights, linking the historic Seaport’s waterfront to the present dangers New York City’s shorelines face. In doing so, the documentaries will work to spark dialogue towards enacting future measures to prevent further damage.