3. Schenectady, New York

Modern Love shooting in Schenectady
Photo courtesy Amazon Studios by Christopher Saunders

“A Life Plan for Two, Followed by One” and “How Do You Remember Me?” are both filmed in Schenectady, New York. Andrew Rannells who directs the latter episode explained in a New York Times episode that they shot in Schenectady during COVID because it was “easier to control” than Manhattan. Though it took longer to shoot than a usual episode due to COVID protocols, the atmosphere had the feel of a “summer stock” due to the number of theater actors on the shoot and how everyone had their meals together.

“A Life Plan for Two” opens with a shot of the marquee at Proctor’s theater, located in Schenectady. A fake subway station entrance was added for the Morgan Avenue L train station (and eagle-eye New Yorkers may notice the size of the font is a bit too large on it. In addition, IRL, the Morgan Avenue stop has a more industrial feel than is shown in the episode. We also see the New York City skyline from a Long Island City rooftop in this episode.