7. There was a “hippie food selection” at the concession stand indoors

Exterior of Katz's deli

Inside Fillmore East was a concession stand on the balcony that sold some rather unexpected products for a concert venue. The concession stand offered fresh fruit and juices, donuts, bagels with cream cheese, and many flavors of Dannon Yogurt. There was also a slightly less exciting ground floor refreshment stand offering hot dogs, popcorn, and soda.

For those craving a slightly more filling meal, many would flock to Ratner’s Delicatessen next door, where Graham made himself a makeshift office. Ratner’s was a Jewish kosher deli that was often seen as the complement to Katz’s since it did not serve meat. It was known for its cheese blintzes, potato pancakes, gefilte fish, and split-pea soup.