8. Painshill Park

Bridgerton Filming locations in Painshill Park

The scene above is shot at Painshill Park, an 18th century landscaped park in Surrey. It is meant to represent a park in London where all of the ton spend their afternoons promenading, picnicking, drinking, boating, and gossiping. It is the perfect place for Simon and Daphne to be seen out together.

The park is influenced by the European travels of its founder the Honorable Charles Hamilton, the son of the sixth Earl of Abercorn. In Bridgerton, some of the most prominent architectural elements in the park that are shown include the Five Arch Bridge, the stone bridge Simon and Daphne stop to speak on, and the Chinese Bridge, made of metal.

9. Somerley House

A few scenes of Bridgerton are shot at Somerley House and on its grounds in Hampshire, England. Somerley House was used in the most recent season of The Crown as Highgrove House, the country estate of Charles and Diana.