5. Tompkins Square Park

Russian Doll filming locations Nadia with her cat
Photo courtesy of Netflix

Tompkins Square Park returns as a location in season two, first seen after Nadia chases after Chez when he runs out of his apartment. In season one, she walks through Tompkins Square Park and finds her cat Oatmeal. Other scenes take place here as Nadia comes to know Horse, the homeless man who makes the park his home.

Tompkins Square Park stretches from 7th to 10th streets from Avenue A to B and has played a central role in New York City’s pop culture past, inspiring figures like Patti Smith and Robert Mapplethorpe, as the site of riots, and a vestige of the city’s grittier past. The show returns several times in season one, filming inside the park and just on the edges of the park.