7. PATH train stations have changed names over the years

Passengers leaving a PATH train at Newark Penn station.
Passengers leaving a PATH train at Newark Penn Station. Photo courtesy Juan Cardenas..

While frequent PATH Train riders know the difference between the ‘Penns, the two Pennsylvania stations that anchor the PATH train system – Newark Pennsylvania Station and New York Penn Station – go by slightly different names along the PATH train line maps to avoid confusing riders. Newark’s PATH train terminus goes by the term ‘Newark Penn Station’ in train announcements, while the terminus for the train lines in Midtown Manhattan, while arriving just next to New York’s own Penn Station, goes by the station name “33rd Street.”

Other train stations have also shifted identities throughout the years. Mostly notably, Jersey City’s Newport Station was previously known as both “Erie” and “Pavonia/Newport” station, while the station stop has confusing architectural features: Corinthian columns flanked by the letter “E.” This E refers to the New York, Lake Erie and Western railroad, which once traversed nearby Pavonia Avenue.