We have exciting news! Untapped New York has just been awarded Tripadvisor’s 2022 Travelers’ Choice Best of the Best Award for being in the 1% of all experiences worldwide! The Best of the Best Award is given to experience companies that win TripAdvisor’s Travelers’ Choice Award five years in a row (which we did!). To celebrate, we’re offering 20% off all Untapped New York tours occurring on or before August 31 with the code we created the discount code BESTOFTHEBEST. On our tours, we welcome guests to go inside places nobody else goes to — or has access to, like Ellis Island’s Abandoned Hospital and Grand Central’s lost movie theater. Read on below for more of our popular tours!

Cornelius Vanderbilt II house
Cornelius Vanderbilt II House on Fifth Avenue.

Of our tours that are discounted until August 31, the Fifth Avenue Gilded Age Mansions tour will give you the most realistic glance into the lives of Manhattan’s Gilded Age elite. As you take a stroll along Fifth Avenue as it was during the Gilded Age when grand mansions of millionaires lined the illustrious street, discover works of architecture lost to time, see the footprint of the largest single residence ever built in Manhattan, and take in outrageous stories of Gilded Age wealth. Buy tickets here.

Tennis court in grand central
Tennis Courts in Grand Central Terminal.

Our Secrets of Grand Central Tour, which is also discounted, travels to a space frequented by more New York residents and commuters than the remnants of Fifth Avenue’s Gilded Age mansions. On this unique walking tour, you will discover the origins and history of the Beaux Arts train station, from its glittering glory days to disrepair and modern quests to save it. Our top-rated tour guides will make you experience what most miss: its hidden features, design quirks, and more. Other than hiding a secret tennis court, Grand Central has a Whispering Gallery and remnants of a movie theater. Buy tickets here.

The New York City subway.
The New York City subway.

Although more than a million people pass through Grand Central each day, around two million people ride the New York City subway each day. By partaking in our Underground Subway Tour, which is discounted until the end of August, you will discover the fascinating beginnings of the New York City subway, and explore spaces even the most seasoned commuter might not know about. Using the 6 train as our own ten-car time machine, we will ride through abandoned stations that riders unknowingly pass by everyday, including the famed City Hall Station. Buy tickets here.

The view of the Statue of Liberty from Ellis Island’s abandoned hospital.
The view of the Statue of Liberty from Ellis Island’s abandoned hospital.

The final tour included in the celebration discount is our Ellis Island Hospital Hard Hat Tour. This exclusive hard hat tour will give you access to the abandoned Ellis Island Hospital complex, once the standard for United States medical care and later transformed into a US Coast Guard base and FBI detention center. While exploring the buildings, including the contagious disease wards and autopsy rooms, you will also see several life-size photographs of immigrants pasted on the walls of the abandoned buildings. Buy tickets here.

Whether you decide to become a tourist for a day on the Underground Subway Tour or to go back to the past on the Fifth Avenue Gilded Age Mansions tour, you are guaranteed an experience that guests have loved time and time again. Thank you for celebrating with us by using the discount code BESTOFTHEBEST on select tours!

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