6. Bowery Station Platform

the abandoned bowery station
The abandoned Bowery Station platform is now adorned with grafitti.

The abandoned Bowery Station platform was originally designed with four tracks and two island platforms. However, after extended use and decay, only two tracks at this station are still in operation. While renovations in 2004 removed one of the tracks, another remains inactive. One of the clearest signs that this platform is abandoned is that the space is completely devoid of benches.

The Bowery Station Platform received some activity several years ago, as the spot was used by the NYPD to conduct terrorist drills. Extending use to the cultural realm, a graffiti artist by the name of “VEW” created a Star Wars-themed Anti-ISIS graffiti mural on a wall of the abandoned station to show antagonism towards ISIS and solidarity with Paris in wake of the once recent terrorist attacks.