9. Jahn’s Ice Cream Parlor

Jahn's Restaurant
Jahn’s Ice Cream Parlor. Photo via Flickr by sweetfixNYC.

Jahn’s Ice Cream Parlor, established in 1897, may have once been the oldest ice cream parlor in New York City before its original location in the Bronx closed. Although it once had over thirty locations in New York City and Miami Dade County, Florida in the 1950s, the last outpost of Jahn’s stands at 81-04 37th Ave #1 in Jackson Heights, Queens. The chain was known for its massive Kitchen Sink sundae, intended to be shared by four to eight people. 

Nick Moukas, who co-owns the surviving Jahn’s with his brother Peter, said that his father contributed to the store’s survival by adapting to modern tastes, expanding the scope of the menu, and adding diner food. Jahn’s features an eclectic mix of Greek, Italian, and Brazilian food, representative of the diverse neighborhood’s mix of ethnic restaurants, including Thai, Filipino, Mexican, and Peruvian food. Jahn’s attracts local customers who often travel from out of state to relive their childhood and teenage years and continues to serve up a popular array of ice cream parlor favorites, such as egg creams, sodas, and ice cream sundaes.

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