9. Midnight Moment in Times Square

Midnight Moment public art installation
A New Earth video still. Courtesy of Times Square Arts.

Times Square Arts presents the latest edition of its monthly public art installation, Midnight Moment. This new iteration features vignettes imagining the future of the natural world as one that is neither apocalyptic nor an Edenic return to primitive Earth. Rather, A New Earth imagines the dynamics of our present messy, global system in which simulations have become entangled with our daily lives. As a result, our perception of the natural world is now directly mediated, suppressed, and amplified by the growing influence of technology. 

In A New Earth, artist Mark Dorf depicts this future world utilizing a combination of gaming and surveillance aesthetics along with animations and footage of the Rocky Mountain region. By doing so, the installation collapses the barrier of what is real—mimicking our current digital consumption of the world. A New World is presented in partnership with Public Works Administration in conjunction with Dorf solo exhibition there, also on display through April 30, 2023.