This week, you can sip your way through NYC’s coffee history in Greenwich Village, uncover the secrets of the Metropolitan Museum of Art with a former museum guard, virtually explore the abandoned sites of the five boroughs, and more! Untapped New York events this week will reveal a side of New York City you probably haven’t seen before. Check out what’s happening:

Wednesday, May 10th – A Vanishing New York: NYC

Seaview Hospital

Explore the abandoned sites of New York City through the lens of photographer John Lazzaro, author of A Vanishing New York: Ruins Across the Empire State. In this live, virtual talk, you’ll see images and outtakes from the book that show the decaying ruins of sites like Staten Island’s Seaview Hospital and more. This virtual talk is free for Untapped New York Insiders.

Wednesday, May 10th – Explore the Museum at Eldridge Street

Eldridge Street Synagogue interior

This synagogue built in 1887 was the first great house of worship by Eastern European Jews in the United States. For decades, the synagogue thrived, but in the 1920s Jewish families began to move away from the Lower East Side, and it was eventually abandoned. After a 20-year renovation, the synagogue was restored to its former glory. Join an exclusive tour led by museum docent and Insider Richard Soden! This tour is free for Untapped New York Insiders.

Friday, May 12th – Gilded Age Mansions of Fifth Avenue Tour

Ukrainian Institute

Stroll along Fifth Avenue as it was during the Gilded Age when grand mansions of millionaires lined the illustrious street. This tour will resurrect mansions that no longer stand with stunning historical images and scintillating stories of the affairs that took place inside. See the footprint of the largest single residence ever built in Manhattan, learn secrets of the famous Frick Collection, discover a charming bookshop tucked into a Fifth Avenue mansion and more! These NYC walking tours are offered every Friday and Sunday.

Saturday, May 13th – Secrets of the Met Museum Tour

Tour guide Patrick Bringley points to architectural features on a Metropolitan Museum tour

Patrick Bringley, your guide for this tour, worked as a museum guard in the Met for a decade. As you follow him through the galleries of priceless artifacts, you’ll hear stories of the museum’s hidden nooks and vast backstage spaces. Locate hidden traces of the Met’s 150-year history as you
peer into the eyes of a once-stolen Greek statue, find the tooth of Mary Magdalen in a Renaissance reliquary, and see the Met’s familiar masterpieces in a fascinating new light.

Saturday, May 13th – Secrets of Bryant Park

Bryant Park

Join Untapped New York’s Chief Experience Officer Justin Rivers to uncover the trapdoors, hidden art, and other secrets of this famous green space in Manhattan! This tour is free for Untapped New York Insiders! Not an Insider yet? Become a member today and get your first month free with code JOINUS!

Sunday, May 14th – Greenwich Village Coffee Tour and Tasting

Staff measuring coffee beans at Porto Rico

Drink your way through the surprising history of coffee in New York City while exploring Greenwich Village, its iconic birthplace. You will learn how New York and coffee go hand-in-hand both in cultural and economic development. By the end of this experience you will have tasted: an espresso, a drip coffee, chocolate-covered coffee beans, and a cappuccino… so you will be caffeinated!

Sunday, May 14th – Secrets of Rockefeller Center Tour

Prometheus sculpture Rockefeller Center

Walk through a lobby covered in gold, find a sterling silver model airplane crafted by the Cartier, and peer into a secret portal that ceremoniously marks the completion of Rockefeller Center’s construction (and is signed by John D. Rockefeller himself) on this tour of the lesser-known side of one of the most famous sites in NYC. These NYC walking tours are offered every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday.

Tuesday, May 16th – Underground Subway Tour

Subway car at a platform

Use the NYC subway as your own personal time machine as you ride through abandoned stations, uncover some of the oldest and most hidden examples of subway art, and hear stories of the system’s early days. These NYC walking tours are offered every Monday through Saturday!

Wednesday, May 17th – Tour The Players Clubhouse on Gramercy Park

Edwin Booth parlor at The Players

Gain access to the clubhouse of one of NYC’s oldest private social clubs, The Players on Gramercy Park! Om this tour, you’ll learn about the history of the Club and its famous members including Jimmy Fallon, Toni Morrison, Carol Burnett, and Ethan Hawke, walk inside Edwin Booth’s bedroom, where you can find the skull that was used in his famous 100 consecutive performances of Hamlet. view the impressive art collection, including portraits by John Singer Sargent, and so much more! This members-only tour is free for Untapped New York Insiders!

Wednesday, May 17th – Secrets of Grand Central Terminal Tour

Grand Central Clock information booth

Did you know there are hidden tennis courts at Grand Central Terminal, and glass walkways hidden in the windows? What about the dark spot on the ceiling, do you know what it’s from? Uncover the story behind all of these questions and more as you journey through one of the most famous and beautiful train stations in the world. This tour is offered every day of the week!

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