3. HERE- Dream Music Puppetry

Set Up of a Puppet Show at HERE
Photo Credit: Maria Baranova

HERE has been one of New York City’s most prolific art organizations since opening in 1993, producing thought-provoking and entertaining multidisciplinary art performances. The theater builds an inclusive community, from their home in Lower Manhattan, aimed at disrupting the conventional expectations of art. The Dorothy B. Williams Theatre inside of the space was specially configured for puppet works, making the space perfect for the unique art form.

The theater puts a new twist on the traditional art of puppetry, gearing their performances towards puppet works that feature live music as a collaborative element. Each show is unique and modern, bringing puppetry into the light as entertainment for a more adult audience. Shows cover themes ranging from love to loneliness, using everything from small puppets and marionette animals to life-sized realistic figures. These performances break the stigma that puppetry is nothing but a silly form of entertainment, but rather it can be a touching way to bring people and ideas together.

Chimpanzee Puppet operated by three puppeteers at HERE
Chimpanzee created by Nick Lehan, Photo Credit: Richard Termine

HERE is soon holding its annual Holiday Puppet Parlor, a celebration of new puppetry shorts. This two-day event will run from December 18th to 19th.