5. Penny Jones and Co. Puppets

Westbeth Artist housing in the west village

Penny Jones & Co. Puppets has been a staple of children’s theater since the 1970s. The theater’s repertoire includes classical adaptations for the stage as well as original stories featuring puppet ballet, live music, original scores, and more. Penny has a wide range of programs, like puppet pageants including 30 to 90 children, as well as workshops for the kids. Puppetry, storytelling, movement, and arts come together at this charming theater inside the Westbeth Artist Housing

Penny Jones, the founder of the theater, has performed and taught across the U.S. and in Europe and has authored over 28 puppet productions. Her puppetry style ranges from whimsical creatures like those she created for a Barnes and Noble display, to medieval fresco characters designed for a show at Philharmonic Hall at Lincoln Center

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