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The Ghost Bikes of NYC

These bikes are real (although upon investigation, many ARE missing). The bikes, painted white and chained to street furniture, serve as a memorial to those that have died in cycling accidents in those locations. In June, the city's Sanitation Department announced a plan to remove bikes deemed "derelict" (with missing parts), and even went as far to call them "eyesores."

L’ILE D’OR: The Black Island of Tin-Tin in France’s Riviera

Although the fictional Black Island of Tin-Tin was located in Scotland, it is commonly believed the inspiration for the island was actually L'ile D'or, a private island off the south of France. I was lucky to get an invitation to spend nearly a week on the island this summer.

Tadashi Kawamata in Bordeaux and Paris

This wooden bridge by Tadashi Kawamata was installed in October 2009 as a temporary installation for the Evento festival in Bordeaux. The festival was aimed to re-activate urban space in through concerts, perfomances, workshops and debates and it is only fitting that the citizens of Bordeaux pushed for this bridge to become permanent.
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Colonnes de Buren at the Palais Royal in Paris

This is probably my favorite spot in Paris and I submitted this picture for the A Moment in Time collage in the New York Times Lens Blog a few months ago. An odd favorite place I know, but I think I love it because it's whimsical and unexpected--words that are not used to generally describe Paris.

I NEED TO PEE!: Public Toilets in Paris

Last year, Untapped New York explored the public bathroom situation in New York City. In Paris, the options are much more plentiful thanks to the widespread installation of free-standing toilet kiosks called sanisettes by JCDecaux. But one vintage possoir still exists!
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