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Nuit Blanche Paris: 3-D Bridge on the Pont St Louis

Untapped checked out the Paris Nuit Blanche festival this past weekend. The pinnacle of the event was the "3-D Bridge" by the We Love Art collective on the Pont Saint Louis, a large complex structure of lighted cubes with a DJ spinning chill electro sounds inside.
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In the Studio With Giant Cupcake Bicycle Man

Untapped caught up with Jack Cesareo, alias Cupcake Man, at his studio in Harlem today. Jack started biking with an oversized cupcake in tow last month and it goes without saying that people are curious. Contrary to our capitalist-laden assumptions, he's not selling cupcakes--it's purely an art project. He photographs the cupcake juxtaposed against famous New York City landmarks and has plans to take it global.
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Behind the Scenes: BRING TO LIGHT NYC

This Saturday is New York City’s first Bring to Light Nuit Blanche Art Festival, a block party of artists, performers and musicians amidst Greenpoint’s urban industrial backdrop of metal workshops and textile factories. In an urban takeover, artists will “create works that inhabit street corners, galleries, shops, rooftops, vacant lots and buildings.”
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475 KENT AVENUE with Photographers Bruce Davidson and David  Alan  Harvey

475 Kent Avenue is an artist compound, filled with photographers, artists and filmmakers. This past weekend, David Alan Harvey opened up his home again to showcase the work of his students and special guest, photographer Bruce Davidson. These loft apartments have epic views of Manhattan and Brooklyn, but the charm really comes from the gritty graffitied interior and the creativity buzzing within.
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Danger Warehouse Party: BUSTED!

Unless you've been before, it's hard to describe what a Danger Party is like. It's a part throwback to '80s New York, where there were simply less rules, but mixed with the self-awareness of the new millennium. Last night, theDanger hosted a four floor warehouse party with hot tub, circus swings, art and film installations and ten simultaneous live acts. As usual, it was a glorious mess and nudity was encouraged.
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Mary, the Ziegfeld Girl

My great, great grandmother, Mary, was a Ziegfeld Girl with the Ziegfeld Follies. She was sixteen when she left her Boston suburb and headed to New York City with dreams of being a dancer. By the time she was eighteen she was officially a Ziegfeld Girl; it was 1909.
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Del Re’s Knife Grinding Truck

"It's like old New York," says a happy customer waiting for her kitchen knives to be sharpened Saturday morning near Columbia University. The old red truck that serves as Dominic Del Re's mobile store was parked on 111th street, just off Broadway.
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PARK(ing) DAY NYC 2010

PARK(ing) Day, is coming back September 17th! The concept is simple: turn parking space into public space. It's part political, part environmental, part cultural. And for urban planners and architects, creative too.
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