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AmericanMuseumofNaturalHistory-Crocs-Manhattan-5African Dwarf Crocodile at the American Museum of Natural History exhibit, “Crocs: Ancient Predators in a Modern World”

The American Museum of Natural History is opening their newest exhibit, “Crocs: Ancient Predators in a Modern World” this week on May 28th. The exhibit, which we previewed this morning, details the lives of crocodilians from their ancient beginnings 0ver 200 million years ago to the present day. But the unique highlight of the exhibit, is the presence of twelve live crocodiles across four species: the Siamese Crocodile, American alligators, the African Dwarf Crocodile and the African Slender-Snouted Crocodile.


Pavilion of Fun-Steeplechase Park-Coney Island-Fred Trump-Demolition-Coney Island History Project-NYC

The Coney Island History Project will launch the timely exhibit “50th Anniversary of Fred Trump’s Demolition of Steeplechase Pavilion” this Friday, May 28th. Untapped Cities’ tour guide, Justin Rivers, who leads our “Secrets of Coney Island Tour” says, “Like father, like son,” describing the tragic story of the historic Steeplechase amusement park, demolished by Fred Trump, the father of Donald Trump, using tactics that will seem familiar to those following the Presidential race today.


Chicago Bean-Cloud Gate-Anish Kapoor-Art SculptureThe Cloud Gate in Chicago by Ansh Kapoor. Photo via Tumblr

Chicago Union Station, located at 215 North Clinton Street, is the perfect place to start your journey to the American South–to Jackson, Mississippi to be precise–thanks to its stately charm. Ten impressive entryways invite you into the city’s block-long head house, with a 110-foot high atrium and eighteen Corinthian style columns. Here you can leisure in the many restaurants, bars, and kiosks which have converting this historic railway station into a cozy environment, setting the pace for your passage south.

The Amtrak train connecting Chicago and Jackson departs at 10 pm and costs around $147. Discover the charms of the midwest along this 740 mile route, covered in 15 hours, in comfort and style. Passengers have a privileged view of past and present historic American scenery. The rolling plains and agricultural landscape accompany your travel through Illinois, skirting the State of Tennessee, crossing Missouri and Arkansas to the Mississippi, wherein lies the end of the trip. All the information about train from Chicago to Jackson can be found in the travel platform GoTicket.io.


Vienna Therapy-Nychos-Flatiron Plaza-Sigmund Freud-NYC

Sponsored by the Tourist Board of Vienna, a 10-foot statue of Sigmund Freud being dissected on his couch is coming to Flatiron Plaza from June 16th to June 18th. The work is by Austrian artist Nychos, who began his career as a teenager in the street art world. Nychos’ gallery work and street work both examine the inner anatomy of animals in vibrant detail. In this case, it will be Freud will be examined (instead of the other way around).


Patti Smith Robert Mapplethorpe-Untapped CitiesSource: Dangerous Minds.

A little over forty years ago, in a nightclub called Max’s Kansas City, Robert Mapplethorpe made his way through a crowd of artists, drag queens, and cocaine fiends, hoping to charm his way into Andy Warhol’s inner circle. His friend and ex-lover Patti Smith, then an unknown like him, watched his efforts warily. A few years later, Mapplethorpe would be shocking the art world with his provocative homoerotic photography and portraits of Warhol. Smith would be performing at Max’s. But before they achieved fame, they were vagrants moving through the world of artists, socialites, and provocateurs in downtown Manhattan. After Mapplethorpe lost his battle with AIDS in 1989, Patti Smith captured their experiences in her award-winning memoir Just Kids.

In this article, we’ll trace Patti Smith’s trail through New York City. Max’s, once a focal point of Warhol’s Factory, is gone now. There is a CVS at the address it once had north of Union Square. But other places are still here or remembered in film.