No matter which side of the bridge you’re on (YO-OY, as you’ll see below), November in New York City is shaping up to have a lot of urban art to offer, both indoors and out. Below are fifteen exhibits and installations that will take you from the turn of the twentieth century to a 70th anniversary – exploring windows and never-built highways, opening doors at new locations, and even to a sacred room of meditation.

15. In the Shadow of the Highway: Robert Moses’ Expressway and the Battle for Downtown

Municipal Archives Building Exhibit-In the Shadow of the Highway- Robert Moses' Expressway and the Battle for Downtown-NYC

In the Municipal Archives Building is a two-room exhibit that explores Robert Moses‘ plan for a 10-lane downtown expressway (LOMEX) that would have cut through Soho and Little Italy, and the community response that eventually defeated the plan and ended Moses’ reign in New York. In the exhibit, a replica of the highway is built under which are photographs from the archives that are part of the collection.