13. Christo: Show Windows and Store Front

Known for bigger-than-life, over-the-top, large-scale installations, New Yorkers may best remember Christo and Jeanne-Claude for their colorful project, The Gates in Central Park in 2005. In 2009, Christo lost Jeanne-Claude to a brain aneurysm, but has kept his promise to continue creating in both of their names. Now, ten years after The Gates, Christo returns to New York in a solo exhibit at the Craig Starr Gallery.

Christo: Show Windows and Store Fronts, 1963-68, is an architectural installation he started making in the early 1960s shortly after he and Jeanne-Claude emigrated to New York. The proportions of these pieces recall the gigantic dimensions of the city’s architecture as seen by them upon their arrival. The curtains of fabric draped on the inside of the panes can be seen as forerunners to many of their projects, including The Gates. This exhibit is accompanied by a fully illustrated publication designed by Christo, with a forward by Craig F. Starr.

Located at the Craig F. Starr Gallery, 5 East 73rd Street, Christo: Show Windows and Store Fronts, 1963-68 will be on view from November 6 through January 23, 2016.