3. New York Sun at 150 Nassau Street

Former Sun Building, 150 Nassau Street (2015)

Before 280 Broadway, from 1914 to 1919 the Sun was located at 150 Nassau Street, which was originally the American Tract Society Building, and was known as the Sun Building while the newspaper was based there.

The Sun Building at 150 Nassau Street, which is now a residential condo, does not have any outward reminders of its newspaper connection but it is notable for being located at the former site of Printing House Square, a newspaper district that existed during the 1800s and early 1900s. The area included several skyscrapers built by newspapers like the New York World and the New York Herald, along Park Row.

The only remaining newspaper building on Park Row is the former New York Times tower. The others are gone, as is the Post Office across the street which distributed New York’s papers across the country.

The skyscrapers of Newspaper Row.New York Times photo archive, Image in public domain from Wikimedia Commons.

The Sun, which stopped publishing in 1950 (when it merged with the World-Telegram), was revived in 2002 and published until 2008 in a nearby building at 105 Chamber Street. One of its writers was Untapped Cities contributor Julia Vitullo-Martin. The Sun continues as a news website.