#5 New York Herald

Ironically, the City’s designation of Greeley Square in 1894 followed a path blazed by Greeley’s long-time competitor, the New York Herald. The Herald moved to 35th Street between Broadway and Sixth Avenue in 1893 and the triangular park facing the Herald’s new building was renamed Herald Square, a name adopted for the surrounding area as well.

Owl at the South Entrance to Herald Square Park

As we’ve noted in our recent look at the secrets of Herald Square, although the Herald building was demolished in two stages in 1928 and 1940, adornments from its facade including statues and owls, are incorporated into Herald Square Park.

The New York Herald Building in 1895. Image via Library of Congress.

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4 thoughts on “The Ghosts of Newspapers Past: 15 Former Locations of NYC Newspaper Headquarters

  1. Not mentioning the New York Morning Telegraph was a big miss. That newspaper was a favorite of the Broadway and horse racing crowds. It helped give New York City a nickname, “the Big Apple.’

    A loss for your readers.

  2. Sunday, December 7th, 1941…

    My father and his parents emerge from a Sunday afternoon movie matinee onto Times Square and see kids selling extra editions of the only New York Sunday afternoon paper, the “New York Enquirer,” which became the “National Enquirer,” blaring a headline, “Japanese attack Pearl Harbor.”

    My family didn’t believe it, because the “Enquirer”‘s main stories were of the “Man Bites Dog” variety. UFOs hadn’t been invented yet. They figured it was a hoax.

    Then they looked up at the Times Tower and saw the ribbon announcing the attack — and then they believed it.

    On July 13, 1977, Dad and I were in Times Square, walking home from an outdoor concert in Lincoln Center, when the great blackout hit…it was like someone pulled a plug on the whole place.

    Three generations, one square.

    1. The mention is there – in the section about One Times Square. But the Frank Gehry cafeteria does deserve a call out, in looking back!

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