8. Artist Wendy Klemperer Brings Shadow Migration to Court Square Park

“Shadow Migration” by Wendy Klemperer. Image via NYC Parks

Steel-form silhouettes of animals can be found throughout Court Square Park in Long Island City. Through this installation, “Shadow Migration,” artist Wendy Klemperer investigates animal populations threatened in the twentieth-century, the way they have adapted to their environment, and how they are thriving now. Her diverse selection of animals is a representation of the diverse community living in Queens today. Ms. Klemperer was the recipient of the 2015 Clare Weiss Emerging Artist Award. The $10,000 award, which is granted annually, is named in memory of Clare Weiss, Parks’ Curator of Public Art from 2005-2009.

“Shadow Migration” will be on view through November 7, 2016 at Court Square Park off Jackson Avenue and Thomson Avenue in Long Island City.

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