10. Mount Lebanon Cemetery, Glendale, Queens: 90,000 Interments


Mount Lebanon Cemetery was established in 1914 and is still being run by one of its founding families. The 85 acres that make up the cemetery were originally bought from Cypress Hills Cemetery, and now over 240 different families reside among the grounds.

Today, visitors to Mount Lebanon can still check out and utilize its mausoleum, The Sanctuary, free-of-charge. According to Mount Lebanon’s website, The Sanctuary was constructed in 1992, becoming the first indoor, public mausoleum in all of New York City.

In addition, the cemetery is home to a monument dedicated to a woman named Celia Sanders and five of her children (ages 4-15) who all died in tenement building fire in 1932. Their funeral was attended by over 3,000 people, who came to mourn with the only two Sanders family members to survive the Lower East Side fire: the father, Abraham Sanders, and one daughter.