9. Frigid New York @ Horse Trade Presents: The 3rd Annual Queerly Festival

Experimental art festival FRIGID New York at Horse Trade is presenting a jam-packed week of queer performance art as part of their annual Queerly Festival, which runs from Friday the 23rd to Saturday, July 1st. The shows will be performed at East Village‘s Kaine Theatre. The festival’s website describes the event as a “gender-liminal, super-gay, non-conformist, totally butch, aggressively femme and subversive AF celebration.” Performances will include “Lezzie with a Z,” a queer cabaret of musical theatre classics, and WITH YOU!, a queer sports rom-com about a rugby team’s love for each other, both on Friday the 23rd. The lineup also features Sparkle Hour, a musical about a wizard who gets pulled into a black hole called Grindr, MikeyPod LIVE!, a curated selection of queer musicians and performers, and much, much more.

Sure to be dazzlingly entertaining, with no shortage of shimmer and wit supplemented by intersectionality and biting commentary, the festival will host multiple shows per night during its run. For more information, check out their website.