3. The Garret Burger, The Garret West

The Garret can be found at two locations in the city: one bar lies in the East Village on 206 Avenue A while the other is nestled in the West Village on 296 Bleecker Street. While the former is easily noticed on the street, the latter, The Garret West, is far more secretive and lies hidden on the second floor above a Five Guys. To enter, one must pass through the restaurant and head to the back where a secret staircase leads up to the large, loft-like bar space.

Another secret to this already mysterious bar is the burger service provided by, appropriately, the Five Guys below. While ordering a drink you can also enjoy Five Guys burgers that are not available at other locations, such as the Garret Burger served with steak marinade dust and Luger sauce or the Sixth Man Burger topped with sriracha, five spice, and mustard seed.