14. New Works at the Elmhurst Sculpture Garden

Photo courtesy Che-Min Hsiao

Artist Che-Min Hsiao and a group of other artists were selected to beautify the Elmhurst Sculpture Garden, as part of an ongoing effort by Queens Art Intervention (RPGA Studio) to use public sculpture art art to increase quality of life and health in the neighborhood. The organization was founded by artist Yvonne Short, who has many pieces out this month throughout New York City. Each artist was tasked with enriching the space with their own artistic voices (sculpture, sound art, performance, installation, painting).

In Day Parade of Plants by Che-Min Hsiao (above), look closely at the whimsical watercolor-like drawings and find anthropomorphized plants holding a cell phone, playing drums, and other activities. Yidan Zheng will install a collaborative sound art installation of wind chimes in the garden to “create an unconventional symphony among the traffic noise,” Margaret Roleke will create a sculpture of shotgun shells as “a thought provoking message on gun violence while acting as a shield for the garden,” and performance artists The Moving Company will create a site-specific performance piece.