Photo by Mike Groll/Office of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo

It’s August tomorrow, one of the last prime months of the year for a significant new influx of public art installations. Despite the bracing heat, New Yorkers are out in the city and we’ve included here both significant public art works outdoors and a few indoors, at large scale and small. Street art works dominate some of the new offerings, but unique sculptural works, including a geodesic dome are also ready for discovery. See if you can stop by them all this month!

1. Doyers Street Asphalt Art

Chinatown’s historic Doyers Street has become the site of the annual Chinatown Seasonal Streets program. The entire block has been closed off until 9 pm every night by the Chinatown Partnership as a public space, and the street itself has been spraypainted with colorful patterns by the Bronx-born street artist Moncho1929. This is the second year of the Asphalt Art program, following the Hangzhou artist Chen Dongfan‘s work on the street last July.

Doyers Street earned the nickname of the “Bloody Angle” during the early 20th century because its blind corner-type shape made it a convenient place for an ambush. In 1909, the actor Ah Foon was chased down a tunnel that runs under the street by gangs and shot on the landing of his apartment, cementing the street’s reputation.