6. Park Avenue Departure in the Park Avenue Malls

Photo by Diego Flores.

The current work on the Park Avenue Malls, Joseph La Piana’s Tension Sculptures (featured later in this piece) will be on display until August 11th, but later this month, the new installation will up, sponsored by the Fund for Park Avenue and NYC Parks’ Art in the Park program. Park Avenue Departure by Alex Katz will be a series of seven colorful, cut-out sculptures that, at first glance, resemble the backs of passersby that you might see while strolling down the street. But the works appear differently to the observer from different vantage points, adding an extra level of perceptive depth, similar to an optical illusion. With 200 solo exhibitions and 500 group exhibits under his belt, including appearances at the Whitney, the Brooklyn Museum of Art, the Jewish Museum, and the Guggenheim, Katz’s work has become a New York classic.

Park Avenue Departure will open on the 26th of August and close September 10th. The work is also co-produced by Lococo Fine Art Publisher and Kasmin Gallery.