6. Exhibit In Midtown Subway Station Showcases Graphic Design of NYC Transit System

5th Av-53rd Street exhibit with MoMA and MTA on subway graphic design
Inside the 5th Avenue-53rd Street subway station, a new site-specific exhibit showcases the connection between modern art and the graphic design of New York City’s transit system. The vinyl displays are a collaboration between MTA Arts & Design and The Museum of Modern Art, which has in its collection several objects related to the creation of the subway’s graphic design and more recent graphic innovations.

The panels in the new exhibit show an illustrated timeline of subway design, pages from the Graphic Standards Manual, and quotes from people involved in the graphic design in the subway system. The bold and recognizable icons, exploded in size for the exhibit are show-stopping and should fulfill one of the goals of the project, which according to the MTA is to “to create a museum quality exhibit that would prove interesting to riders who navigate our system each day and those who use the subway to reach the Museum.”