9. Harborfront Park

Landmark Sculpture in Harborfront Park

Harborfront Park is one of Port Jefferson’s newest additions, initially completed in 2001 with more recent additions like the promenade and ice skating rink. The park is named after Jeanne Garant, who served as Mayor of Port Jefferson from 1999-2006. The park was built on the site of a former Mobil Oil terminal and shipyard, and the 5.1-acre property was purchased by the Village in 1997. The park’s master plan was approved in 2000, and in December 2001 the Village completed its Chandlery Waterfront Playground and Picnic Area.

A 350-foot pier was opened in May 2002, which served as the home base of the Seawolf, a marine research vessel used by Stony Brook University. A Promenade with a sand and gravel walkway was opened in 2004, and the historic Chandlery Building underwent exterior reconstruction ending in 2006. The Landmark Sculpture in the park, unveiled in October 2004, depicts four rugged seamen carrying the bones of a ship, serving as a tribute to the area’s shipbuilders.