11. Large Scale Paintings at Brookfield Place

Monochromatic artwork with gold paint added by Tatiana Arocha at Brookfield Place
Tatiana Arocha: ANHELO UN BOSQUE, ANHELO DE ALBA, ANHELO displayed at Brookfield Place. Photo courtesy of Brookfield Place

Brookfield Place is a multi-use destination for shopping, dining, ice-skating, and innovative public art programming that never disappoints. Currently on display at Winter Garden at Brookfield Place are the works of two women artists with pieces of grand scale and subject.

Have your perception altered at Anne Vieux’s digitally made vinyl artwork float. This luminous hyperreal “painting” challenges the common perceptions of painting as a window, mirror, or frame through the compression of vinyl into screen space dimensions. Celebrate Earth Day early through monochromatic artwork by Brooklyn-based artist Tatiana Arocha depicting the exploitation of natural ecosystems. Arocha, a Colombian native, roots her work in her layered relationship to her country’s vulnerable lands, particularly its rainforests. You can view the art from 8 AM to 10 PM every day. Winter Garden in Brookfield Place is located on the Hudson River in lower Manhattan at 230 Vesey Street. Keep reading to check out installations still on view from previous months!