7. A masked gunman shot Gary Melius in the head in Oheka’s parking lot

Horse and carriage at OHEKA CASTLE.
A large driveway lined by Red Cedars welcome Oheka Castle guests. Photo by Brett Matthews, courtesy of Oheka Castle

On an unsuspecting Monday afternoon, Melius sat in his Mercedes-Benz in the parking lot of Oheka Castle. Out of nowhere, a masked gunman approached Melius’s vehicle and shot him in the head through the window. The headshot did not instantly kill Melius, allowing him to reach his daughter in the mansion. She quickly rushed him to the emergency room where he received emergency surgery and treatment.

Although Melius survives to this day and the assassination attempt was captured on video, the masked gunman has neither been arrested nor identified. After the gunman fired three shots, one of which hit Melius, he fled the scene. Melius released an $100,000 reward for whoever found the hitman.