2. Luke J. Lang Square is one of the smallest parks in New York City

Luke J. Lang park

Luke J. Lang Square is considered the smallest park in New York City, according to Curbed. The square measures less than 1/1,000 of an acre and consists of just a tree, a plaque, and a few shrubs. The park honors Luke J. Lang, a soldier who died in World War I and lived in nearby Ridgewood before working as a printer for J.E. Hetsch on Duane Street. The land was originally owned by Alden Sampson & Son and was acquired by the City in 1916.

The park was named for the soldier in 1933 and was renovated in 1935 and 1936. The square included blue-stone sidewalks and a flagpole with seats, where people could take in views of three Norway maples. Bounded by Fresh Pond Road, 61st Street, and 59th Road, the park underwent sidewalk and site renovations in 2000, amounting to $13,353.