14. Bob Marley Boulevard

Bob Marley Boulevard

Since 2006, a stretch of Church Avenue in East Flatbush was given the name Bob Marley Boulevard. Honoring the legendary reggae artist, Bob Marley Boulevard passes through the center of Little Caribbean on Nostrand Avenue before extending east. At its intersection with Nostrand Avenue is a popular Jamaican spot called Exquisite Express, a few doors down from another food spot called Caribbean Vibes. To the east of the Church Avenue station are a handful of eateries including Little Haiti, Tastee Pattee, and Trini Breakfast Shed.

  • Pam's Bakery
  • Bake & Things
  • Best Bites
  • Little Haiti

To the east of New York Avenue, another major throughway in the neighborhood are dozens of Caribbean-operated churches (perhaps to be expected on Church Avenue), as well as Kal’s Bakery and Bake & Things. Bob Marley Boulevard becomes more residential continuing east, at one point hosting a Yemeni store and a mosque, before becoming more heavily concentrated with restaurants near Schenectady Avenue. Top eats include Fish Bone, Best Bites, North Coast Shark & Bake, and Pam’s Bakery.