7. Immerse Yourself in Irish Culture at Irish Arts Center Open Day

St. Patrick's Day in NYC concert
Photo by Nir Arieli

Keep the celebration going all weekend long at the Irish Arts Center Open Day on Sunday, March 19th. This all-day festival will include traditional music and dance, live piano karaoke sing-alongs of Ireland and Irish-America’s greatest hits, a performance and group lesson by World Irish Dance Champion Tyler Shwartz, spring equinox-inspired arts and crafts, and a sampling of the Center’s multidisciplinary educational offerings.

There will also be a film screening of the U.S. premiere of Tann Ann (an old Gaelic expression for “once upon a time”), a short film series blending storytelling, visual art, puppetry, and original music to transport us to the supernatural world of Irish folklore and mythology. The event is free and you can register here!