11. Khao Kang

Khao Kang in Little Thailand

Unlike many of the restaurants in Little Thailand, Khao Kang is known for its buffet table with all sorts of freshly prepared, colorful dishes. With a rather dark ambiance with dark brown walls and wooden chairs and tables, Khao Kang has a rather minimal space that puts all attention onto the two dozen or so dishes at the counter, as well as prepackaged desserts and cold dishes.

The menu is simple: steamed rice with two or three entrees, or an a la carte entree. Dishes themselves include garlic black pepper pork, five-spice stewed pork belly, chicken liver with chives, and lemongrass chicken. Dishes are commonly enjoyed alongside a selection of desserts including tapioca pearl pudding, coconut jelly, mung bean pudding, and pandan cake with angel hair egg threads.