2. Raindrops @ The Junction at Brooklyn’s Flatbush Junction

Raindrops at the Junction art installation
Photo Courtesy of Flatbush Junction BID

Walk under New York’s very own rainbow, inspired by Mary Poppins! Located on the Hillel Plaza, steps from Brooklyn College and Flatbush Junction’s corridors, are 250 multi-colored umbrellas, the first official Umbrella Sky Project in the Tri-State area and New York City. The installation, bound together above a ground mural by artist Humble, is a result of efforts by the Flatbush Nostrand Junction Business Improvement District to reflect the diversity of the Central Brooklyn community. 

Its bright, welcoming arrangement encourages residents and visitors of all ages to enjoy a fun, mini-fitness experience. The walkway fosters a sense of belonging and addresses economic and urban development challenges, like the heat vulnerability index among elders. The umbrellas were fashioned with inclusivity and accessibility in mind, creating an outdoor cooling center and shaded walkway for senior residents. The Raindrops street in Flatbush will also feature seasonal programs like the African Pop-up Festival and Humana’s weekly senior fitness classes to stimulate communal socialization and wellness initiatives. The Umbrella Sky Project is a free experience that will be on view until September 30th, so this summer is the perfect time to take your family for a cool summer stroll through Flatbush Junction.