9. Goddesses at the Palace at The United Palace of Cultural Arts

United Palace theater
Photograph by Jon Ortner, Courtesy of United Palace

The United Palace of Cultural Arts and artist Andrea Arroyo have debuted a series of large-scale scrolls in the Grand Foyer of the Palace, inspired by the theater’s history, architecture, and decorative features. On view at 4140 Broadway until July 10th, the piece is an exploration of women’s issues. Detailing images of real and imagined women from history and mythology, Goddesses at the Palace features cut paper scrolls, edited with line drawings. These pieces celebrate the beauty, power, and resilience of women from the past, present, and future. The lyrical style of the art installations comes from Arroyo’s own experience in the arts, specifically contemporary dance. It influenced her depiction of a three-dimensional realm within a non-traditional space, furthering the idea that art has a place in even the most unlikely places. 

10. Uptown Triennial 2023 at Wallach Art Gallery

In the 20th century, Harlem was synonymous with urban music culture, inspired by the diverse populations of African Americans with roots from all over the world. Columbia University’s Wallach Art Gallery’s latest exhibit, the Uptown Triennial 2023, is a visual tribute to the sonic realm, specifically, the music, soundscapes, and spoken word that resonates with the spirit of Harlem. Visual and sonic artistry collide in this collection of sculptures, multimedia artworks, and hybrid sound projects by artists like Lisa Dubois and Jewel Ham. The works feature cultural fusions of jazz and hip-hop mixtapes that detail the changing representation of Black urban society in the city. You can experience Harlem’s myriad of history, cultures, and critical contemporary issues at the gallery until September 17, 2023. For even more immersion, you can mingle with some of the exhibit’s headlining artists while viewing the collection at the Sunday Sermon Afternoon on July 8th!

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