5. Fabric of Life at Ditmas Park

Photo Courtesy of the artist, Viktoriya Basina

At 1202 Cortelyou Rd, Ditmas Park, Brooklyn there is a brand new community-inspired mural. The mural celebrates the diversity of the city and the neighborhood through the folk arts of different cultures and ancestries, including the Lenape people native to the land. Courtesy of artist Viktoriya Basina, the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs, and the Brooklyn Arts Council, the mural hosts a vibrant cultural message: to remind the public about the historical and cultural significance of folk art and equity among different ancestries.

The mural was created to beautify the neighborhood with bright colors and bold shapes, to instill a sense of pride in a local community that has reason to feel unified and represented. Within the mural, there is a plethora of folk art techniques referenced like Polish paper cut, Korean chasu embroidery, Irish Celtic knots, and more!