3. Sonic Sphere at The Shed

Sonic Sphere, The Shed, New York, June 16 –July 30, 2023. Photo: Ahad Subzwari. Courtesy The Shed

The phrase “get into the music” has never been more true. Located at The Shed, this grand, 65-foot diameter spherical concert hall floats in mid-air and invites visitors inside for an immersive musical experience. This is the 11th and most advanced sphere installation to date. Artists Ed Cooke, Merijn Royaards, and Nicholas Christie, alongside the sonic sphere team, have assembled the city’s first and very own 3-D sound and light sphere installation. Within the sphere, you’ll be surrounded by more than 100 speakers that allow you to feel sound above, below, and through your body. The experience features a dazzling light display, album listening sessions, and live entertainment and musical collaborations. 

Shows, pre-recorded and live, are 45 minutes and can house 250 guests at a time. This multisensory immersion is more than just a unique experience, as its creators intended for it to spark questions about technology, our evolving needs as a society, and the city’s community interests. It represents adaptability, musical community, and a modern and bold take on an art installation that the world has shared in improving for generations.