4. Molly at Myers of Keswick

Myers of Keswick, a traditional British grocery store where bangers and meat pies are sold, might not be the first place you’d expect to find a cat, but it’s where Molly currently resides. She was adopted in January 2006, and quickly became an independent shop cat. Her claim to fame, however, is an interesting story of endurance and bewilderment.

One day in March, owner Peter Myers realized that Molly was no where to be found. He whistled to her, and heard a faint meow, but could not track her down. He later figured out that the sound was coming from a space between the grocery store at 634 Hudson Street and the building next door, where she had accidentally gotten lodged nearby the ceiling of the store. It took 12 days and the kindness of a few good civilians to rescue her. Following the incident, Molly appeared on a variety of television shows and newspapers, including Regis and Kelly, Good Day New York and more. See Molly here.