6. The Nicholas Schenck House

Nicholas Schenck, the grandson of Jan Martense Schenck, built this house that also stands in the Brooklyn Museum between about 1770 and 1775. It is difficult to get a full shot of the house due to a hallway in the museum, but the home is a typical Dutch-style home at one-and-a-half stories and a gambrel roof. The home was donated by the City of New York to the Brooklyn Museum after many years serving as a concession stand inside Canarsie Park.

The Brooklyn Museum restored the house to how it would have looked in about 1830, when Nicholas Schenck Jr. and his family lived there. Restoration considered the paint color, derived from paint fragments, as well as the practices of the time – original large fireplaces are closed up because cast-iron stoves would have been the customary heating source.

The Brooklyn Museum is located at 200 Eastern Parkway.