Honorable Mention: The Old Stone House, 1699-1897/1933

The Old Stone House is a 1933 replica of the Vechte-Cortelyou House, which was destroyed in 1897. The house, made with solid stone and featuring high brick gables and a tile roof, was originally constructed in 1699 by Hendrick Claessen Vechte, and it’s the site of the largest battle of the Revolutionary War, the Battle of Brooklyn.

On August 27th, 1776, American General William Alexander, also known as Lord Stirling, led a regiment of 400 Maryland soldiers (now known as the “Maryland 400”) against 2,000 British troops, who were fighting from their stronghold at the Old Stone House. The battle ended as a devastating defeat for the American side, and most of the Maryland 400 lost their lives that day. Today the Old Stone House, reconstructed using stones from the original site, is located in Washington Park and serves as a center for historical education.

Fun fact: The Old Stone House was the original clubhouse for the professional baseball team called Brooklyn Superbas…later to be known as the Brooklyn Dodgers. The lost game of ice baseball was popularized here.

The Old Stone House is located in Washington Park at 336 3rd St, Brooklyn.

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