2. City Reliquary

City Reliquary storefront, coolest museums in nyc
A quaint and authentic homage to New York City.

The beloved City Reliquary Museum opened in 2002 in Williamsburg. Founder Dave Herman used his apartment window as a display of his collected items. While onlookers passed by, they would press a button while Dave spoke about each item they saw. The museum is also a civic organization that has rotating collections, artifacts, and annual cultural events. Generous patrons donate every year to help keep the museum afloat, showcasing that New Yorkers love this rare little gem.

For those who want to explore an intimate and historic side of New York, this museum is just the key. The quirky and unthinkable are featured here, including the last wooden sidewalk in New York, an Empire State Building coffin, and just about anything related to New York. Their hours of operation are Thursday through Sunday from noon until 6 p.m. For any further updates, check out their Facebook page.