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Secrets of Grand Central Tour

Tour guide Heather Shimmin gestures towards the facade of Grand Central Terminal

Discover the many secrets of this New York City icon! Close to a million people pass through Grand Central Terminal every day, yet very few know the many stories and secrets which you will learn on this tour. On this unique walking tour, you will discover the origins and history of the Beaux-Arts train station, from its glittering glory days to disrepair and modern quests to save it. Our top-rated tour guides will make you experience what most miss: its hidden features, design quirks, and much more. Whether you pass through it every day on your morning commute or stroll through Grand Central for the first time, you are sure to leave having learned, seen, and experienced something new and extraordinary. This tour of Grand Central Terminal is great for history or architecture buffs alike.


NYC Underground Subway Tour

Explore the world’s largest subway system, the beating heart of the city that never sleeps. On this guided New York subway walking tour you will discover the fascinating beginnings of the New York City subway, and explore spaces even the most seasoned commuter might not know about. We will discover the story of the very first subway, which was built illegally under the cover of night, and many other surprising stories. Using the 6 train as our own ten-car time machine, we will also ride through and see abandoned stations that riders unknowingly pass by every day, including the famed City Hall Station. The subway tour will end in one of the latest transportation hubs of lower Manhattan where we will discuss mass transit in NYC. All the stops on this tour are in stations that are publicly accessible. Guests will need to swipe once inside the subway system.


Remnants of Penn Station Tour

Justin Rivers giving a Penn Station tour

There are two things most commuters don’t realize about Penn Station’s history: First, there used to be a gorgeous Beaux-Arts station that was demolished in the mid-’60s. Second: Parts of that old station can still be found today. They’ve just been buried under the arena that landed on top of them. Although Amtrak only acknowledges one remnant remaining, tour participants will learn about station history and discover over a dozen remnants of the McKim, Mead & White building hiding in plain sight. Penn Station tours will continue to be supported by photographic presentations of the station by renowned photographers Norman McGrath, Peter Moore, and Aaron Rose, along with the work of railroad aficionados Alexander Hatos, an employee of Pennsylvania Railroad, and Ron Ziel, a railroad historian.


Remnants of New Amsterdam Tour

Bowling Green fence

Explore where New York began and see what is left of Dutch New Amsterdam in today’s lower Manhattan! In this small-group walking tour, you’ll hear about New York’s founding myths and facts while standing in the very spots where they all happened. With New York City’s first map in hand, you will trace the streets of Manhattan in 1667 while discovering the many hidden Dutch relics south of Wall Street. Physically touch history as you spend time finding out how Bowling Green got its name and why it’s been so important in our city’s history! Among the many relics you will experience on this tour are the foundations of New York City’s first City Hall (which was also a tavern!), the long-forgotten oyster pasty cannon, the original battery wall and so much more! This New Amsterdam tour is led by an expert guide from the Untapped New York team.


Victorian Flatbush Mansions Tour

1440 Buckingham Road, Michelle Williams house

Discover the spectacular mansions and history of Flatbush, a truly unique Brooklyn neighborhood. In many ways, the neighborhood best encapsulates the full history of Brooklyn — from its 17th-century Dutch colonial history to 19th-century residential growth to a population boom of working-class immigrant communities in the 20th century.


Hidden Gems of the Financial District Walking Tour

People on the lawn

Acre for acre there is more history in FiDi than anywhere else in the country and most of it is buried under strata of infrastructure or hidden in plain sight. From the spot where American government and capitalism once lived across the street from each other, to some of the buried secrets of NYC’s past and present, this Wall Street tour goes digging through the layers of history that helped to define not only New York City but the entire country.


Greenwich Village Coffee Tour and Tasting

Justin Rivers inside Porto Rico Importing Company

Drink your way through the surprising history of coffee in New York City on our Greenwich Village Coffee Tour and Tasting! On this tour, you will uncover the surprising history of coffee in New York City while exploring Greenwich Village, its iconic birthplace. You will learn how New York and coffee go hand-in-hand both in cultural and economic development. By the end of this experience you will have tasted: an espresso, a drip coffee, chocolate-covered coffee beans, and a cappuccino… so you will be caffeinated!


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