7. Electric Lady Studios

The Electric Lady, an iconic rock n' roll site
The interior of Electric Lady Studios, an iconic recording studio in Greenwich VIllage.

After Jimi Hendrix and Michael Jeffrey, the other co-owner of Electric Lady Studios, enjoyed jamming and hanging out in Greenwich Village’s Generation Club, they decided they wanted to buy the space. Hendrix originally wanted to build a nightclub in the space, with plans to hire architect John Storyk and audio engineer Eddie Kramer, but the sound engineer had a new idea as soon as he walked into the studio. According to Mastropolo, Kramer told PBS that he thought, “‘Get out of here; this is nuts. Let’s build Jimi a recording studio. We’ll make the best recording studio in the world.’”

Though Hendrix co-founded Electric Lady Studios in August 1970, once he left the studio’s launch party for a performance in the UK, he never returned. Hendrix died tragically young at the age of 27, but the recording studio that he invested time and money into lives on as a testament to his rockstar potency and contribution to the realm of rock n’ roll. Since its inception, rock n’ roll stars including Stevie Wonder, Bob Dylan, Patti Smith, AC/DC, the Clash, David Bowie, and John Lennon. have recorded in Electric Lady Studios.