8. Caffe Reggio

Caffe Reggio
The exterior of Caffe Reggio.

Caffe Reggio prides itself on being the first cafe in the United States to serve cappuccino. Founded in 1927, this joint located in Greenwich Village is located only a block and a half away from Washington Square Park. Pieces of art, some of which can be traced back to the Italian Renaissance, adorn the walls of the cafe. When original owner Domenico Parisi opened the cafe, he purchased an espresso machine that is allegedly the oldest espresso machine in New York City. Natives and tourists alike flock to the cafe, which is one of the oldest restaurants in Greenwich Village, to try the legendary cappuccino today.

Decades ago, other famous regulars attracted an artistic crowd to Caffe Reggio. Other than some of the often pointed to patrons of the eatery — Jack Kerouac and other members of the Beat Generation — Caffe Reggio also hosted rock n’ roll stars. Bob Dylan was one of the most notable rockstars who frequented the cafe, and described Greenwich Village coffee shops and venues as “nameless and miserable, low-level basket houses or small coffeehouses where the performer passed the hat,” according to Mastropolo. However, Dylan never passed up the opportunity to play music within the bright green venue.