10. Madison Square Garden

The interior of Madison Square Garden allows for powerful acoustics.

Though Madison Square Garden has existed in many forms and in many neighborhoods throughout New York City, today’s Madison Square Garden opened in 1968 as a sports arena. With seats for thousands of people and acoustics for sound to reach every person, the arena soon became a concert venue as well.

Today, Madison Square Garden can fit more than 20,000 spectators into its blue-hued seats. Notable artists who have performed at the venue include U2, Madonna, the Grateful Dead, and The Who. In his book New York Groove, Mastropolo records that Billy Joel said, “Madison Square Garden is the center of the universe as far as I’m concerned. It has the best acoustics, the best audiences, the best reputation, and the best history of great artists who have played there. It is the iconic, holy temple of Rock and Roll.”

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