8. Norway

Norway filming location in Succession
Photograph by Graeme Hunter/HBO

Episode 5 sees the Roy clan travel abroad as they head to important meetings in Norway. The filming locations change from Manhattan skyscrapers and penthouses to breathtaking mountain views. According to The Norway Guide, the location we see most in this episode is Nesaksla Mountain. There the characters can be seen riding the Romsdal Gondola and dining at the mountaintop restaurant.

In the episode, the characters stay at the Juvet Landscape Hotel. This hotel also served as a filming location for the movie Ex Machina. The hotel is comprised of a series of sleek cabins with stunning views of the forest that surrounds it. The episode also gives us glimpses of the Atlantic Ocean Road, The Trollstigen hairpin path, and a popular boardwalk attraction that hovers above the scenic Gudbrandsjuvet, ravine.