4. Alder Manor

Scene in Alder Manor in YonkersPhoto: Jeff Neumann/FOX

Fish Mooney and henchmen kidnap Detective Harvey while’s heading to his car in Dumbo, and while handcuffed, he agrees to take them to where Dr. Strange is being held by the Feds. Mooney wants Strange to fix her. The exterior location is the abandoned Brooklyn Navy Yard Hospital, part of the business industrial complex that is slated for redevelopment into an expansion of Steiner Studios. In 2015, the interior of the hospital was open to the public for a photographic exhibition. See photos here.

The interior scenes of the location is actually the Alder Manor in Yonkers, a film location used in Mr. Robot. The mansion was once belonged to Gilded Age tycoon W.B. Thompson and later become a catholic high school and junior college. The mansion is host to a massive party several times a year by the group You Are So Lucky, next one up is on Halloween.

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6 thoughts on “NYC Film Locations for TV Show Gotham on FOX

  1. Where exactly in Grand Central Terminal was this scene filmed, I am not familiar with this section of the building

    1. This is actually the waiting room – it’s hard to recognize because of the dim, moody lighting. Right now there’s a holiday shopping pop-up there.

  2. In the eight episode of the first season, entitled “The Mask”, Jada Smith’s character can be found in a confessional booth in a church at approx. 17:33 mark. What was the name of the church used for this scene?

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