2. Brooklyn Army Terminal

Brooklyn Army Terminal

This stunning building that serves as the warehouse for Fray Pharmaceutical is the Brooklyn Army Terminal, built at the end of World War I and served as a major supply base and embarkation point in World War II. There are multiple buildings on the site, but his is the main atrium in Building B. Fish Mooney, Selena Kyle and cohorts go here in search of particular drugs, and Gordon follows their trail. You also see Selena and Gordon in one of the staggered balconies that once received goods from gantries that ran the length of the atrium.

In episode two, the train station scene when Dr. Leslie Thompkins, Gordon’s ex, returns to Gotham, is also filmed in the Brooklyn Army Terminal with a green screen in the back showing the skyline of New York City. But the canopied walkways that run the length of the atrium tracks are recognizable in the scene.

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